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oakland coliseum. vern. >> reporter: all right, dennis. it's tiger time behind me now taking it in field. the as just came off the field. they have won eight straight home games. they need the old oakland as magic like we saw last night in game 4. i don't think we can see it enough. let's roll it up. it's the bomb ninth. coco crisp at the bottom of the 9th making it happen at the plate. boy does he come through! the as have their 15th walkoff ending of the season. afterwards coco crisp and other guys talked about the resiliency of this particular ballclub. >> we have been battling the whole year giving 100% and these walkoffs have just been our m.o. this year. >> we are keeping it nice and quiet. we'll never be out of the game. we have come down from four runs, five run deficit and two- run deficit isn't enough to hold us right now. >> wins are always good. it means you get to play
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another day. >> reporter: all right. so dennis, if the as win they will make the legal championship series and they announce that the tarps along the first and third base side are going to come off the ones at mount davis will remain and dennis, get out your parachute pants because mc hammer is throwing out the first pitch tonight for game five. >> i'm really torn, vern. have a great time. see you out there in about a half hour. fans will have to make a choice. you watch the as game or a big debate? >> two tvs! >> picture in picture. >> thank you. all right. in fact, speaking of that, let's go live to danville kentucky where the vice- presidential candidates will share the stage. less than an hour from now, this is going to be their one and only debate. cbs 5 political reporter grace lee tells us what we can expect tonight. grace. >> reporter: allen, vice president joe biden will get the first question tonight and he is also giving his closing statement first. paul ryan will have the final
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word with his closing statement. and while neither are strangers to debate, they both represent opposite spectrums not just in ideology but also in style. >> reporter: vice president joe biden touched down in kentucky eager to square off with republican challenger paul ryan. congressman ryan says he is looking forward getting out the republican ticket's message. >> i'm excited because we have a chance yet again to offer this country a very clear choice. >> reporter: for ryan, tonight is an opportunity to build on mitt romney's strong performance in the first presidential debate. the pressure is on for vice president biden to stop that momentum. >> i expect it to be a home run for biden. >> i anticipate paul ryan's going to clean up tonight. >> reporter: recent polls show likely voters expect paul ryan to have the upper hand tonight. but this supporter believes it will be closer. >> i think it will be a draw. they are both qualified, good
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speakers. they will relate well. >> reporter: the vp candidates will sit down at the same table to debate domestic and foreign policy issues for 90 minutes. cbs 5 political analyst joe tuman joins us tonight. we want to talk about jobs. the unemployment rate came out on friday 7.8%. how will that play tonight for both sides? >> reporter: i think for the white house, it's an opportunity to talk about progress going in the right direction. it takes some of the steam out of the argument that they haven't been under 8% this whole time. on the other hand, for paul ryan it's an opportunity to talk about the fact that even at 7.8% that's not good to contrast what they might do in the next administration. >> and looking at experience, we are look be at a 42-year-old congressman versus a vice president about 69 years old who made jokes about he has been in the national forefront since paul ryan was in high school. how does that play tonight? >> reporter: i think that congressman ryan has to walk that line between being respectful not just of vice president biden's age but also
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the institution he rest. he is the vice president after all and he can't be dismissive. at the same time he has to be mindful of the fact that his own youth will be on display. his experience is in domestic issues not foreign policy so those questions might be risky. he put his name on a piece of legislation that subject of criticism with respect to deficit reduction. and so all of that is in play. i think if you joe biden that the pressure is not on you. if you're 69, you're set in your ways. but he tends to say things without thinking but has to be mindful of that. i don't know if this debate will change voters' minds. i'll look to next week for that but tonight it should be great because they are fine speakers and it's a chance to contrast. >> stay away from the numbers -- >> reintroduce himself. the last time voters got a chance to get a look at him on the national stage was at the republican convention. this will be an opportunity for
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him to introduce himself to more engage voters especially undecided in other states that haven't had visits from the republican party. we'll see. >> should be 90 minutes of fun, right? >> sure. >> joe tuman, thank you for joining us. you can watch the debate right here on cbs 5. our special live coverage begins at 6:00. i'm grace lee, cbs 5. >> thank you. a reminder the presidential candidates are answering our questions online. your questions on they are tackling a different issue every day. and today's topic by the way education. >> new unemployment claims have taken a dramatic dip falling to a four-year low. 339,000 people filed for first time benefits last week. that's 30,000 fewer than the week before. and the lowest number since february of 2008. but the numbers may not be accurate. the labor department says one state may not have finished processing its claims before the reporting deadline. it's not naming the state but does say it's a large one.
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an argument between a man and his father ended with a deadly officer-involved shooting. it happened last night at an apartment on reeves street in santa clara. police thought they had resolved the issue between the two men but as they turned to leave, there was more yelling and police say the 41-year-old man was holding a knife against his 66-year-old father. >> despite the repeated commands to drop the knife, the son refused and fearing for the safety of the father, the officers -- three officers fired their weapons in order to stop the son's assault. >> as to why all three officers fired, well, the department says all three felt it was a life-threatening situation. and they responded as they have been trained. all three officers are now on leave pending an investigation. a tiny bone from a california mass murder case could be a big break in a decades old bay area kidnapping.
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the three inch bone fragment belonging to an unidentified child was found in a well in linden a mass grave for the "speed freak" killers wesley shermantine and loren herzog. it's possible it could belong to 9-year-old michaela garecht who was kidnapped in hayward in 1988. shermantine has linked herzog to her disappearance but the bone fragment was mistakenly mixed in with the remains of another victory and only recently discovered. >> i tended to kind of dismiss it. i pretty much ignored that investigation all along. if this is michaela, then it breaks my heart that she is laying in that place for all this time. >> initial tests on the bone fragment have been inconclusive. so now it has been sent to an out-of-state lab. results are expected to take a few weeks. tonight this husband and wife considered persons of interest in the murder of retired bay area teacher susie ko. police arrested darnell washington and his wife tania at gunpoint yesterday near
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seattle, washington. they say the couple repeatedly slammed patrol cars with a stolen subaru that belongs to susie ko. ko was found stabbed to death at her home in hercules on friday. sitting at work takes a toll on your health. the new movement to get you to "take a stand" and how it will change your health a your mood. >> we have more green, live on our high-def doppler radar. we have rain for the evening commute. the effect on tonight's baseball game with the pinpoint forecast coming up. >> i came in to work and i told him, hey, let's take the day off and go see the game. >> he didn't. sick days, vacation days? whatever it took. thousands took the day off today and baseball fever is infecting the bay area. ,, measures... measure up. money to our schools. "misleading." out here. it. but there's hope. straight to our schools... keeps it there. politicians. yes on thirty-eight.
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presence in a vallejo neighborhood. joe vazquez is there. joe 's a heavy police presence in vallejo. joe vazquez is there. what's the latest? >> reporter: right now evacuations are under way here
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in the castlewood section of east vallejo. behind me you can see the heavy police presence. dozens of police officers including the bomb squad and the crisis response team as well as s.w.a.t. teams in the area. now, what they tell us is they are evacuating the area around the 3700 block of georgia where they made an arrest just a short while ago. we have some video of the man that they arrested at that residence. they put him here in the crisis response unit and they are questioning him as we speak. meanwhile they are evacuating some homes around that guy's house. they are not telling us why exactly they are evacuating homes and they are not telling residents why. but like i say the bomb squad unit is on the scene. and other police officers are here. they were prepared apparently for this guy to have a long drawnout affair but they arrested him fairly quickly and now evacuations still under way and they say they are going to explain to us and the neighbors here at some point why they are evacuating the area, why such a heavy police presence here in
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east vallejo. back to you. >> all right, joe. thank you. standing room only. the new trend popping up at work. that's improving your health. >> last week's presidential debate turning into a halloween fad. the comment that's going to have you seeing a lot of yellow this holiday. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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coliseum is backed-up, as 's fans mix in with the evening is also a wrap. let's take a look at
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traffic in the east bay. 880 near the coliseum getting backed up. as fans mixing in with the evening commute. there is a warriors preseason game to contend with. want to give you a live look from chopper 5 now. batting practice wrapping up at the oakland coliseum. fans starting to file in game 5 of the as series with the detroit tigers is coming up a little later tonight. as fans hoping for a lot more traffic too. ideally, back and forth across the bay for what could still be a bay bridge world series. the giants did what they had to, to keep the bay bridge series dream alive. cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman live at coliseum. it's do or die for the as. >> reporter: oh, my goodness. my heart is bounding still. from the giants game. now we're at com where these other cardiac kids are trying to make it three in a row. what a day for bay area baseball! so you're a fan at work and you want to concentrate on the
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game. what do you do? if you are al valdez, you call in sick with orange fever. >> i came in to work and i told him, hey, let's take the day off and go see the game. >> yeah! >> reporter: how many beers today? >> zero. a lot of ice water, prune juice, any way, i'm off the clock so it don't matter. >> reporter: all right. attorney deborah van horn also did everything legally. >> i took a vacation day today. >> reporter: why? >> because i love the giants and we got to get to the world series. this is it, man. >> reporter: for many fans this was not such a vacation day after building up a 6-0 lead the giants seeing it shrink. it wasn't a done deal until the final out was nailed down. >> absolutely unbelievable! we have had so much faith in this team. we knew we couldn't keep this
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offense down. here we are back for the national league championship series. it's unbelievable! >> reporter: meanwhile on the other side of the bay -- >> go,as! >> reporter: -- three hours before game time, the parking lot was filling up for the other do or die bays-ballgame. >> the guy wanted to give me $100. my first play-off game. >> reporter: i'll give you $200. >> no! [ laughter ] >> reporter: $300! >> no. >> reporter: $500? >> are you serious? >> reporter: $500. >> oh, brother. i want to seat game. >> reporter: they all hope to be doing the bernie dance afterwards. don't know what it is? ask an as fan. then do it with them. >> yeah! whoo! >> go as! >> reporter: all right. it's the bernie dance, coco crisp thing has to do with a rap video. >> the other thing you're going to see is a pie in the face because late inning heroics the hero all of us gets a pie in the face.
5:16 pm
so you want to watch for --... that's what you're going to want to watch for right there. you know? >> reporter: if we see that it's going to be a good thing. allen? >> are you sure the bernie dance is a big bird reference to the presidential debate? [ laughter ] >> reporter: i don't know. i can't see a thing. [ laughter ] but it tastes good. >> enjoy the game if you ever get your eyes -- there you go. >> reporter: can't see. >> good thing you have glasses. >> reporter: it's a good thing. >> thanks, mike. close to $1 billion is coming to san francisco's central subway project. the federal government is pitching in the money. the project running through downtown is aim to ease congestion and make commuting easier. the suit claims it violates the city charter prohibiting nonrecreational uses in city parks. today mayor lee and federal transportation officials announced the project will get $942 million.
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the money finalized funding for the extension of moon's t line through chinatown. the funding comes a day after opponents. muni project filed a lawsuit to stop it. mayor lee calls the lawsuit frivolous. supporters of california's prop 37 making themselves heard in oakland and washington today. >> simple label, all we want is a simple label! >> today was a national day of action for supporters of the november ballot initiative which would require labeling of genetically modified food. meanwhile prop 37 supporters dropped off a petition at the white house. they say it had 200,000 signatures in favor of the proposed law. other bay area headlines a serial arsonist in san jose struck again last night after another dumpster was found burning on the city's west side. good samaritans had that fire on delna manor lane put out by the time for a crews got there but this is the ninth fire in that area of downing and south
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bascomb avenues. fire investigators in union city say a four-alarm blaze at the alvarado place shopping center started in the back of the complex. ten businesses were damaged in the fire early wednesday morning. the search for the cause of the fire continues. well, sick animals at the oakland zoo are getting extra tlc. today zoo officials opened the new state-of-the-art veterinary hospital to treat more than 600 animals and 96 different species at the zoo. it replaces the older smaller clinic. >> we'll work out of a true hospital with the facilities that can cover the full spectrum of the type of animals we have. little frogs all the way to giant zebras to tigers to chimpanzees. it gives us a great sense of confidence that we can provide the quality we know they deserve. >> the new hospital features the latest technology in veterinary care, will also be used as a teaching tool, as well. well, sorry to say but the six-day old giant panda cub who
5:19 pm
died at the national zoo died of liver failure. the veterinarian said the cause of death was the death every liver cells. the cub's lungs were also underdeveloped, didn't provide enough oxygen to the liver. the cub was born september 16th. it was believed to be a female. her mother mei xiang slowly returning to her normal behavior. sad story. well, on to a much different topic. a lot of fans going out to see the as this evening. i don't think rain is going to stop them whether it's going to pour or not. >> it won't stop the game, either. even if we have a passing shower, it will be brief, light and move quickly. you won't even have probably a rain delay. nevertheless, it's baseball in oakland and we have that complete forecast coming up. right now, it is live, it's our cbs 5 hi-def doppler radar. and look at the bands of rain really streaming from the sacramento valley all the way through san jose. i want to zero in on san jose
5:20 pm
for this evening commute. 280, 880, also 87 that guadalupe parkway backing through 101 as you make tracks towards 680. moderate rainfall at this hour. upstream in the eastern portion of our district here you have livermore, you have the road to lake del valle and we have rain over the badlands there. currently cloud cover several decks of clouds looking out from san francisco towards the east bay towards oakland. mostly cloudy conditions, a hit- and-miss scattered rain shower, very light. temperatures into the 50s and low 60s. it certainly has been a raw day, plus west winds 10 to 20 miles an hour lowering the ceiling at the golden gate bridge, 56 degrees there for your evening commute with a westerly at 15 miles per hour. mostly cloudy tonight with areas of mist or sprinkles or maybe even that light shower primarily to the south. it will be partly sunny for your friday after a very gray start and a little damp as well and then a warmer weekend
5:21 pm
slated. okay, verlander on the mound for the tigers. we have parker for the good guys, cooler conditions at the baseball park tonight. winds up to 13, 56 degrees. overnight tonight 40s and 50s with a dissipating shower. area of low pressure has been there for a good 12 days now finally sagging to the south. but we're on the back end of the system. that's why we keep seeing that wraparound moisture. for the most part tomorrow the air mass is still unstable but as the hours progress during the afternoon, some peeks of sunshine and this will allow our temperatures to go up a couple of notches banking on 60s at the beaches, 60s around the peninsula, 68 degrees for the warmest locations of the santa clara valley still a late day breeze up to 15 miles an hour low 70s at best east of the bay 69 in benicia, american canyon as well and mid-60s in santa rosa. the extended forecast, there you have it. yes. the weekend kick starts a warming trend. it's bona fide. look at this time next week inland.
5:22 pm
yes! 90s! >> wow. >> love that. >> quite a change. >> thanks, roberta. if you go out this halloween you might see a lot of yellow. yeah, big bird is a big hit with people dressing up this year. that's of course when mitt romney said he likes the sesame street character but won't hesitate to cut funding for public television. the obama campaign followed one a big bird attack to attack romney. stand, don't sit, your health depends on it. now new information on how sitting at work can wipe out any physical activity you have already done. will the vice-presidential debate transform the race? we are with the candidates tonight on the "cbs evening news." ,,
5:23 pm
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now, a the evidence is clear sitting all day long really takes a toll on your health. >> we don't sit here all day. a new study urges us to take a
5:25 pm
stand. dr. kim mulvihill explains. you're standing. >> reporter: i am. if you're a desk jockey you're at higher risk for health concerns diabetes, obesity, cancer. if workers are given the option to stand at their desk there is a benefit. participants used a sit stand device at work for five weeks. it lets workers move up from a sitting position to a standing position whenever they want to. and researchers with the centers for disease control and prevention observed the workers. they found that take a stand project reduced sitting time by more than an hour every day. the sit stand device also reduced upper back and neck pain by 54%. and what's even more important? improved their mood. but here's the bad news. take away the sit stand device and all the observed improvements went away in just two weeks. >> wow. that fast. >> so i think -- i dare you to stand up right now.
5:26 pm
>> stand over there. do the newscast standing up. >> there's a lot to be said for that. we talk about this all the time of the you have to take a break. some people say i don't have time to do that. i can't afford to get one of of these. it costs about $500. but what do you do instead? you don't do that instant messenger. you get up and go see your coworker. speak to them face to face. that's also good social interaction. there are lots of easy things to do. you take the stairs, instead of the elevators. we sill have to get that changed if anybody is listening. >> we need to start a petition around here. >> walking around the block makes me feel better. >> take a few minutes to yourself. it helps clear your mine, you feel calmer, you're ready to face those challenges. >> i like the mood change. >> mood change. it's huge. >> we're going to walk even in the rain. >> thanks. >> stay with us. we'll be right back. ,,,,
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want your best rest ever? then don't miss sleep train's best rest event. you'll find sleep train's very best mattresses at the guaranteed lowest price. plus, pay no interest for 3 years on beautyrest black, stearns & foster, serta icomfort, even tempur-pedic. and rest even better with sleep train's risk-free 100-day money back guarantee. get your best rest ever from sleep train. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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tonight due to the vice pr that's what it looks like out there right now. >> yeah. >> with the game in oakland about an hour from now it won't get rained out. these are very fast-moving storms so it's not even a storm it's showers associated with that area of low pressure so just whips through, get people wet and that's about it. game on. >> okay. nothing stops them. >> thanks. >> programming reminder here. we do not have a 6:00 newscast tonight. we have the vice-presidential debate. >> "cbs evening news" with scott pelley is next. and right after that, cbs news will begin its special coverage. debate. >> we'll leave you with live pictures from il

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